2ML Laptop Gadget Pawnshop

Retail Consumer Electronics

We accept all kinds of Laptops and Electronic Gadgets appraised at the highest value possible. With our experience for so many years in this business, our team of expert-sales technician can evaluate your items and purchase them at top-market prices instantly. Simply call! Or, better yet, bring your items in for a FREE evaluation. We make it FAST and we’ll pay you INSTANT CASH on the spot! Don’t hesitate, come in today! GET CASH NOW!

Note: All electronic gadgets must be in perfect working condition and haven’t been opened for any kind of repair or parts replacement. Charger/AC adapter for laptops, iPhone, iPad, blackberry and other electronic gadgets is required. We highly suggest you to bring the complete accessories (if any) including CD installers, headset, manuals & box for much higher appraisal.


Additional Details

  • 3333 Gen. Kalentong Street, 1009 Mandaluyong, Philippines