Bojex Game Zone

Computersn Internet

We provide the best services Internet Cafe services offered:

Internet surfing, encoding, text/photo printing, gaming offline/online, computer repair, CD/DVD burning, mp3/game/video/movie downloads,

BGZ Also offered:
Networking Configuration, Cafe Timer “Cafe Suite” Setup, PisoNet Setup, Diskless & PFSense Setup.

Profit Sharing services offered:

XBOX Videogame Machine (XBOX)
PS2 Videogame Machine (Playstation 2)
PISO NET Machine (PC)
XBOX360 Videogame Machine (XBOX 360)

We also sell/repair/modify:

1 set XBOX Videogame Machine (XBOX)
1 set XBOX360 Videogame Machine (XBOX 360)
1 set PS2 Videogame Machine (Playstation 2)
1 set PISO NET Machine (PC)

XBOX Player, XBOX360 Player, PS2 Player, PC and accessories such as controller accessories “analog, rubber etc.”, videogame accessories “timer, coinslot etc.”


Additional Details

  • San Antonio "Market Site" (at the back of LCC Calabanga), Calabanga, Camarines Sur