Cartimar SHOES Online Shoppe

Cartimar SHOES Online Shoppe an online store offer shoes and apparel with different brand here in the Philippines

It was 1957, rock n’ roll was just starting to fill the airwaves. At about the same time, a shopping center sprung up in Pasay and shopping in the Philippines was never the same again. Cartimar got its name from the first names of its founders CARlos, TImotea and MARgarita Cuyugan (presently chairperson of Cartimar and mother to Cartimar board president Antonio and its secretary and treasurer Alejandro).

It was the place to go when one has a craving for something imported. From its stalls, one can pick out the best the world has to offer. Designer jeans, sneakers, chocolates, perfumes and all sort of goodies can be found in Cartimar.

Basketball Shoes Shopping & Retail in Pasay City, Philippines

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  • Luna St., 1303 Pasay City, Philippines