Edge Trolley Beam Anchor 80MM-250MM Provider Philippines Claimed

AFA930412-Edge Trolley Beam Anchor 80MM-250MM

Key Features

Trolley Beam anchors attach to structural steel beams to create a movable rolling anchor point for a fall arrest device. The Rolling Beam anchor adjusts to fit a range of beam widths.


  • Provides a movable Anchorage Point using the length of the beam to which it is mounted, to move along with the user.
  • Highly corrosion resistant and easy to install.
  • Comes with adjustable flanges for use on different beam sizes.
  • The trolley allows continuous safe Anchorage by allowing the Anchor Point to travel across the length of the beam, along with the user.
  • The wheels of the trolley provide extremely smooth movement over the beam, over which it is mounted.
  • Suitable for Flanges widths of 80mm -250mm

Additional Details

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