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The Number 1 Home Elevator in the Philippines

Looking for a modern home elevator? HD Homelift Solutions is an authorized partner of Aritco Homelifts, which supplies platform lifts such as service elevators, residential elevators and PWD lifts in the Philippines. Our partnership with Aritco enables us to provide our clients with customized lifts from Sweden straight to your home.

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  • HD Homelift Solutions 3rd floor, 129 Congressional Ave, Project 8, Quezon City, 1106 Metro Manila


Q What’s the Difference Between a Lift and an Elevator?

Both home lifts and elevators are defined as mechanical platforms designed for transporting people and goods from one level of a structure to another. But, elevators and lifts differ in their linguistic usage since the former is primarily used in American contexts while the latter is more common in British and European contexts.

Q How Many People Fit in an Elevator?

Depending on its physical dimensions, a standard elevator is capable of supporting 1,000 to 2,000 pounds. This is enough to transport at least four to five people. A home elevator can accommodate up to 5 people comfortably.

Q How Quick Can the Installation be Completed?

Installing a home elevator takes approximately one week, although basic home elevators may be completed in less time. However, the installation of elevators with advanced features sometimes requires at least two weeks.

Q How Fast Do Home Elevators Move?

A standard elevator travels at a speed of one meter per second (1m/s). Home elevators’ speeds are also determined by their type and weight capacity.

Q Is it possible to install a home lift elevator in an old house?

The answer is yes. It is now possible to install a home elevator to an old house or existing home. In special cases like this, the property owner must consult an engineer to talk about the structural integrity, design, and layout of the house.

Q How Much Space is Needed for an Elevator?

A home elevator requires approximately 20 square feet of space or less. As per the building codes, a home elevator should not exceed 18 square feet, while an elevator with a shaft generally occupies about 5 square feet.