Mackenzie Hardware & Macdesign Home System Corp.

Mackenzie Hardware Is One of the Leading System Suppliers

MACKENZIE HARDWARE is one of the leading system suppliers in the fields of architectural products, kitchen accessories, bathroom accessories, furniture parts, high tech electronic locking systems, and finishing accessories for residential and commercial purposes. For generations the Company is well known for its high reputation in selling high quality products and follow new updated innovative trends. The Company believes that quality is not an option but a standard in everything it sells. The Company is considered to have records of traditional excellent quality, prompt and responsive service and that personal touch accorded to our clients. As such we are well known for our customer care and friendly assistance and efficient services throughout decades, through which both employers and employees shared the same ideals and common goals by providing direct assistance to each and every customer’s needs and requirements. Flexibility and efficiency are ever present traits in the Company.


Additional Details

  • 662 T. Alonzo Street Sta. Cruz, 1003 Manila, Philippines