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Marvill Web Development has been conceptualized way back in 2003 by RJ Villanueva to provide quality IT Solutions through media and web development. He imagined creating a team of experts in the field of media and web development. It took years of study and conceptualization, but it wasn’t until 2009 that RJ decided to start the business and recruit unique individuals to make a difference in this field of development. The company started with its senior designer and training and development head Angelo Marco Cantada, who has specialized in different areas of production development, accompanied by the production head Jay Justalero, who is also considered as one of the key players for the development of Marvill Web Development. Another one of the key developers of Marvill Web Development is senior designer Zarrah Palacay, who is also one of Marvill’s specialists in CMS and module development.

In 2009 RJ Villanueva believed that he has equipped the team to stand as a web development company. He took pride that Filipino programmers and developers were taken for granted and their skills were best used by foreign development companies. Well known web development companies in the Philippines were either fueled by foreign investment or foreign owned, and he felt that this was a waste of talents for Filipinos


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  • Unit 312 Tower A The PalmTowers, St.Paul San Antonio Village, Makati City Philippines