San Lazaro Hospital

Hospital, Medical & Dental Services

SLH was founded in 1577 as a dispensary clinic in Intramuros by Spanish Frey Juan Clemente. It became a hospital in 1578 for patient suffering from leprosy and other diseases.

In 1784, SLH was relocated to Hacienda Mayhaligue, the present site, through a Royal Decree from the King of Spain. A chapel was built and its premises enclosed with stone walls by Frey Felix Huerta in 1859.

The American run the hospital in 1898 as a contagious disease hospital, after 320 years of Spanish governance.

It was only in 1918 that Filipinos started operating the hospital. From 1930-31, insane patients were transferred to National Mental Hospital ( National Center for Mental Health). In 1949, patients with leprosy were located to Tala Leprosarium, now Jose N. Rodriquez Memorial Hospital

Additional Details

  • Quiricada St. Manila, Philippines