SL Search Corporation

Employment Agencies

We are SL SEARCH CORPORATION, a POEA-licensed company based in the Philippines. The company was organized in December 1987 by a group of SEARCH practitioners who specialize in overseas placements. Initially with the Middle East region as the main market (Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait), we have expanded our coverage to include Singapore, Indonesia, Guam, Saipan, Grenada, etc. Our clients include UNILEVER, DANYA FOODS, HENKEL, BINZAGR CO RO, JARIR BOOKSTORE, and SAUDI BUSINESS MACHINE, INTERCONTINENTAL HOTEL, HOLIDAY INN, CASPER & GAMBINI’S and others.


Additional Details

  • 3rd Floor The LYDIA Building, #39 Polaris Street, Bel-air, 1209 Makati, Philippines