Vero Massage Clinic and Spa

Hospital, Medical & Dental Services

After a bit more than two years of activity, former Ata Negritos Tribal Miracle Oil Spa, now VERO MASSAGE CLINIC AND SPA has been recognised as one of the best, if not THE best, massage parlor in Dumaguete (Negros Oriental).

Using only the best traditional Himag, ancestral secret healing oil of the Ata Negritos Tribe of Negros, our trained and skilled therapists provide a unique relaxation and/or pain relieve experience to our ever-growing clientele. These are residents coming from as far as Bais, Valencia, Dauin and beyond, but also Filipino and foreing tourists, from all over the world.

VERO MASSAGE CLINIC AND SPA is a family friendly space where parents and children will experience the healthy pleasure of a relaxing massage.


Additional Details

  • Mango Avenue 8 Dumaguete City